Sunday, December 4, 2011

Happy Advent

Well, campers, I'm still here. The news:
  • It is cold, well, for CA. We had 26F yesterday, and 24F this morning. Brrr.
  • The kids are huge. Joseph and Leo are reading more and more all the time. Their weekly preschool teacher thinks that Joseph is reading at the 2nd grade level. Wow!
  • Sarah (sister) is about 8 months pregnant with Child#1. The planned name will remain the surprise to you all.
  • The new windows we had in the house are working quite well. We had a 32F differential between the coldest part of the house and outside this morning. Yay!
  • I am in week #3 of training for the Napa Valley Marathon. I missed the registration window for Big Sur by 2 hours back in August. So, I signed up for Napa Valley. I plan on running 10 miles after mass today.
  • Speaking of Mass, I like the revised translation for the Mass. Our pastor has had us use the repsonses since mid summer, but hearing the new prayers is wonderful. A bit clunky at first, but we will get there. I plan on a larger post later.
More posts, more pictures coming along sometime soon.


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Nicola said...

I am reading Donald, not as much as I should. My blog has taken a big hit, with little to no attention these days. You would think I could find some time to place a few sentences online, but it seems to get away from me. Will be doing my best to be a more active blogger in 2012. Happy holidays to you and your family. Minnesota weather is really cold, like single digit nights and a high of 17 tomorrow!