Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm still here, are you?

I have not posted for awhile for several reasons: not enough hours in the day, spending too much of my online time either on Facebook or The Loop, but chief among them is that the prime reader of this blog passed away. I was contemplating not continuing Wheezes, as she was a great supporter and lover of the pictures that I used to post. In fact, she would often give me a hard time when I would seen her, and too much time had passed between photo posts.

So, Wheezes is still here, it is harvest, so I'm not sure about how many more posts you'll see in the near future, but oh well. The kids are getting BIG! Oliver is going to be our little bruiser. Leo and Joseph are reading (amazing!). Alie is doing ok, and I've taken the lab manager job at Blossom Hill (back to where I started).

Happy Harvest!

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