Friday, May 23, 2008

One Year On...

Well, one year ago today, just about this time, the boys came into the world. I have such a hard time believing that the year has passed. They have grown so much. Born just shy of 6 pounds, they are close to 25. At night, sometimes they feel like 40#. They can both now stand for about 10 seconds before falling on their little diaper-clad butts.

In honor of one year of snuffins, here are a few favorite pictures. Some are making their Wheezes debut.Leo (orange), Joseph (black) at Sophia's 1st birthday party, April 2008.

Joseph, such a graceful eater.

Mommy and Leo, February.

Leo vs. cookie... Carnage followed.

Winemaker-in-training Leo at Christmas. Don't worry, not a lead foiler :)

Baptism in August. I held Joseph; Alie held Leo. Fr. Kambitsch is our parish priest.
Leo (l) and Joseph (r) just before New Year's.

Leo at 6 months with Nana.
Joseph at 6 months with Great-Grandma Barbara.

4 Months old. Leo on the left, Joseph on the right.

Leo at about 3 weeks.
1 day old.