Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am alive

Ok, so I haven't put anything up since Fathers' Day. I thought I would break my silence, in Angela form.

  • The twins are doing great. Fifteen months on Tuesday. Both are walking, can carry the balls, toy trucks, and Daddy's books off the shelf while toddling along.
  • I bought a new car in July. Green Mini Cooper with white roof and mirrors. His name is Winston, and he can go really fast...
  • My little sis Sarah got married a month ago. Husband's name is Sean. Now Sarah is a Fruit. No shortage of joke material between Dad and I. I think the first child should be named Tutti, the second, Juicy. The third will be Ripe.
  • My friend Mike got married last weekend. In Houston. Needless to say, candlelit mass. Congratulations, Mr and Mrs Policratus!

More to follow as always, now for Heidi, Sarah, Jackie, Mike, Angela, Carol, and maybe the other 2 of you who read this blog, this is what you have been waiting for:

Leo (up there) and Joseph (down there)