Saturday, March 12, 2011

*tap, tap* Is this thing on?

So it has been a lot longer than I really like to pass between posts. I think that may be a theme for this blog. Apologies for those of you who still look at this from time to time. I think that all three of this blogs "followers" live within one mile of me.

At any rate, it is March in Cienega. The vineyard is being pruned, and as always, the mad rush to finish before budbreak is on. We have had a pretty mild and wet winter, but along the way, we have had the usual frost and a small snowfall.

The family is ok. Leo and Joseph are three (and ten months). Oliver will turn the big ONE this coming Friday. Sadly, that is the day we will lay Alie's grandfather to rest (see previous post).

Lent is here. This is the latest start to Lent in recent memory, with Easter coming on 24 April. I've given up Facebook, and am looking to read several books that have been on the shelf for far. I'm looking to re-read and finish Jesus of Nazareth, especially as Pope Benedict released the second installment (covering Holy Week) this past week. Perhaps the Holy Week book can be a Holy Week/Easter season read.

Running took a dive this week, especially with getting to watch the boys with Alie out of town.

I hope this is the beginning of more productive blogging, and that this finds all of you in the ether well.

Look below for a new Oliver photo (this one taken just before Christmas):

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