Monday, October 8, 2012

Still kicking

For those of you that come by on rare occasion to see if I am still around, have no fear for Donald is here!  It is the middle of harvest at the winery. Which means grapes, interns, and lots of work.  things have been going pretty well at the job, and we shall leave it at that.  On the home front, we are not at Hazel's anymore.  Our home was sold out from under us, and we are no renting at a ranch about five miles from the winery.  Well, it is 5.5 miles, as I clocked it this afternoon.  Today was "run to work day", as Alie's car was in the shop, and mine was filled with car seats.   It was a nice run.  peaking of running,  I ran the Salinas Valley Half Marathon in August, finishing in 1:53; three minutes slower than last year.

For a bit of nuttiness, I have signed up for the Big Sur Half to be run in mid-November.  that's rig, it's harvest, and I'm training for a half, too.  I ll keep you updated as things progress.  Hope you are well, where've you are.


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