Thursday, December 16, 2010

Still here, folks!

So I was just looking at the blog, and I noticed that I have only put up four posts this year. Thanks to all four or five of you who actually look at this thing. I'll be posting some photos of some fun things that have happened recently, like Ollie's baptism, decorating the grottoes (coming this Saturday), the vineyard, and general Wirz-boy shenanigans.

A followup to the the last post about Mike Ross. I have signed up to run Big Sur in May. I've done it once before; it is a challenge to put it mildly. I've started running again, which is really good. Come 2 January, I start formally training (actually running set distances each week). I'm looking at the race in several ways: a tribute to Mike (running Big Sur was actually something that one of our housemates in SLO and I had talked about doing), getting back into shape, getting back into running (I need a fixed goal to get my butt on the road), and simply, I like to run.

At this point, I'm looking to run the whole race without injuring myself. When I ran in 2007, I hurt my hip at mile 15. I was on pace for a 3:45 finish, but ended up walk/running the last 11 miles. I finished in about 5:20. I'd like to PR (my best time is 4:27), Mike ran San Diego in 3:59, so my pie-in-the-sky goal would be to run in under 3:50. This works out to about 8:45/mile. I can do this. Of course, I'll keep you posted.

Christmas is coming. We'll get the tree this weekend, if it isn't too rainy.

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