Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The party!

The boys had their first ever birthday party Saturday before last. We had it at Bolado Park, the local fairgrounds. About 20 of the the boys' friends and family showed up. I even barbequed (tri-tip, hot dogs, and VeggieBurgers), Of course, there was a camera.
Look at the cakes that Mommy made. Daddy did not have anything to do with making these.

Leo (in green shirt): "Dad made tri-tip, and he gives us melon salad? What's going on around here?"
Joseph: "Relax, I've seen the cakes, and I think the two little ones have our names on them! Why hasn't Daddy got the Baby speed reading dvd yet?"
Preparing for the carnage.
Money shot. Leo pulled the unlit candle out of the frosting, and shoved the frosted end in his mouth. Joseph just went for it. Perfect.
Daddy, Leo, Sofia, Natalie (Sophia's mom/Joseph's godmother), Joseph, and Nana. The hat didn't agree with Leo...
Joseph: "Nana said its my party and I can open whichever present I want, right Nana?"
Come back next year!


Alison said...

Next Year!? Do I have to start planning that yet? Oh boy I hope I make it until next year! Joseph is currently licking the TV...I think he likes the Baby Galileo DVD...and Leo is trying to eat my foot. Maybe they need a snack before nap time..... hmmm...nap time equals quite Snuffins! Yeah for Mommy!

momma oven said...

haha! like all wirz children, they look like little old men by the time they are a year old. haha...just wait my brother, the next year are two are going to be a blast!! when they are five, leo is getting a drumset, and joseph is getting a guitar, no fooling, rock band!!xo heidi