Saturday, February 9, 2008

These 40 days

Here we are again, Lent is on us. It's a bit early this year; it is suppossed to be the earliest Lent and Easter in over 150 years. A few scattered thoughts.
A lot of people treat Lent like the only thing that we do is to give up something, and to treat it like a New Year's Resolution that we are bound to break. Lent isn't supposed to be like that. We are preparing to celebarte the most wonderful thing ever; the passion, death, and RESURRECTION of Jesus. Just as we prepare for Christmas with four weeks of preparation, we prepare ourselves for Easter. It is a trifecta of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Giving something up is only 1/3 of our process for Lent.
We should focus equally on each of the three aspects to the Lenten journey. Good luck to all. I am still debating on letting you all in on my plans. I'm asking myself if that would be too much of a display or if it would be helpful to you, dear readers. Considering that the readership is probably me, myself, and I; this wouln't be too much of a display...

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