Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Enter into the joy...

Saturday before last, the boys were baptized into the Church. They were baptized at our home parish. One of the neat things about coming home after going to university, and getting married, is the understanding that some things will be continued because of you. You see yourself more as a link in a chain. The big example: the boys were baptized in the same church, the same font as I, the same font and church as my father, grandmother, and great-grandmother. How often do you see that anymore? Not often.
Leo’s godparents are my Aunt Ellen and my good friend Andy Gulley. We were roommates together our first year at Cal Poly. That seems like an eternity ago, but it was only nine years ago. Joseph’s god parents are Jeff and Natalie Dyer, friends of mine and Alie’s from our days at Cal Poly and the Newman Center. Alie and I both feel fortunate and blessed to have such wonderful friends in our lives.
After the ceremony, we had a small reception of cake and drinks on the lawn at the parish. Natalie took some photos, and I’ll be posting them soon. To satisfy the appetite, I have a picture of the boys from a couple of weeks ago. They are pretty excited in this picture. Enjoy.

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